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Ventura - Engineering Equipment
Ventura - Engineering Equipment
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Ventura Group on the Forefront of Industrial Cooling

Ventura opened its doors in 1979, supplying oil-to-air oil coolers to the truck and bus industry.

Built on a foundation of excellence in service and quality, Ventura has sustained its original business values over more than three and a half decades. We value old fashioned standards for quality and service.

Originally, the “Swirl-Cool” units from Hayden were very reliable and well suited for the automatic transmission cooling at the time. However, they also became popular for hydraulic oil cooling applications – an industry expansion which also began an extension of Ventura’s product range, such as truck fans, cooling towers and other industrial applications.

A natural development for Ventura was the design of its own range of air blast “fan-oil-to-air” units for the hydraulics industry. These units are also used as lubricant coolers, in large paper mills, steel mills, Portland cement plants and similar industries.

Ventura specializes in the design of complete cooling systems, or cooling packs - for industrial and military applications, which include water radiators, transmission oil coolers, charge air coolers, hydraulic coolers, compressor coolers and fuel coolers.

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Applications for Ventura fans and heat exchange systems: